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Policies & FAQ

Safety Policy
  • For the safety of participants and protection of the bowling lanes, bowling shoes are required to bowl.If a guest does not own a pair, Wildlife Lanes rents bowling shoes from toddler size 6 to men size 18

  • The side aisles next to the end lanes are restricted to Wildlife Lanes staff.No picture taking is to occur past the foul line or in the side aisles

  • Please do not leave personal items such as bowling ball bags, bowling equipment, shoes, coats, etc., in public areas as well as around the lanes and seating as they are tripping hazards.Be aware of these items left by others

  • Guests are prohibited from walking on the bowling lanes at any time or any reason; doing so may result in serious injury and/or dismissal of that guest and/or termination of your lane(s)

  • Play considered damaging to the bowling center is unacceptable.Violators will be asked to leave without refund.This includes: unnecessary lofting of bowling balls, overhand bowling, throwing more than one ball at a time, purposely hitting the sweep, purposefully crossing the foul line, throwing light weight bowling balls at excessively high speeds, pushing heavy bowling balls off of ramps, and two-handed bowling

  • Please walk; running is prohibited in the bowling center at all times

  • Bumper rails must be raised and lowered solely by a Wildlife Lanes employee.Note the warning stickers on the bumper rails and do not touch them at any time to avoid injury.Raising or lowering bumper rails may result in violators being asked to leave without refund

  • Respect bowlers on the lanes next to yours.Proper bowling etiquette is allowing bowlers on the approaches to the left or right of you to roll their bowling ball before you step on the approach

  • Refrain from excessive noise, use appropriate language, respect other bowlers’ turns.  Roughhousing, running, or any behavior that could pose a safety risk or disrupt other customers’ experiences is strictly prohibited.Violators will be asked to leave the facility without refund after one violation

  • All bags may be subject to search when entering or re-entering the facility

  • Wait for the bowling ball to stop rolling on the ball return before retrieving or replacing bowling balls.Do not reach into the ball return opening as moving parts will cause serious injury

  • Always ask an associate for assistance with anything that may cause injury or interrupt game play such as a misplaced pin, a spilled beverage, or a ball that has not made it down the lane

  • Bowling is fun and a great way to get exercise; like any other physical sport, understand your own limitations

  • Guests are prohibited from sitting on bowling ramps or sliding down them

  • If a customer’s behavior, appearance, or odor creates an unenjoyable experience for other customers, they will be asked to leave the facility

  • Wildlife Lanes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason

  • Emotional support animals are prohibited from entering the facility; service animals are welcomed under the ADA’s standards of “service animal”

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